Pharmacists Event in Kuwait

Pharmacists Event in Kuwait

On May 2nd , more than 35 pharmacists from around the country attended an event organized by Lunatus at the Symphony Hotel in Kuwait.

Lunatus spoke about intimate hygiene for women, and the role of the pharmacist in counseling. They educated the audience on Saforelle, a unique 2-in- 1 product for intimate hygiene, which can be used daily and during flare-ups.

The discussion then moved on to Proflora Restore, a unique high quality probiotic made in Denmark, which has 11 strains to tackle any digestive upset. They shared the how probiotics work, and how to distinguish a high quality probiotic form an ordinary one.

There was also a talk on external eye hygiene with Visactiv wipes, and how one can know the baby’s gender 8 weeks into pregnancy with Intelligender.

The event comprised of presentations, quizzes, and prizes to the pharmacists, making it highly interactive between the speakers and audience.

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