Lunatus was established in 2003 to act as the link between international healthcare companies and the expanding markets of the Arabian Gulf and Middle East. Lunatus has a proven track record of introducing, building and maintaining profitable brand presence and has received awards as one of the top SMEs in the region.

With over 100 employees, the Lunatus approach is based on the idea of turnkey representation – a singular solution to introducing and building brand presence in the region. Based in Dubai, with satellite offices across the GCC, Lunatus has extensive local knowledge and a solid network of partners.

Our core strength is in our human capital, with our professional, experienced and results-driven sales and marketing teams. Our other strengths include our excellent connections and comprehensive regional industry network, our utilization of the latest digital innovations and their business applications, and our existing partnerships with prominent regional organizations and key opinion leaders.

Lunatus is the link between your brand and the most noteworthy healthcare professionals, primary health centers, hospitals, and pharmacies in the region.




Lunatus has a dedicated marketing team that develops and implements a comprehensive marketing strategy for our brands. They work to set and achieve goals through a detailed and intricate marketing plan that focuses on building product awareness and demand. The ultimate goal is to move products from concept to customer.

Our marketing team covers both on the ground traditional marketing efforts and marketing in the digital sphere, working hand-in- hand with our highly trained medical sales team.



Our regulatory team handles all stages of the regulatory requirements around bringing partner brands to the region. Our team is up-to- date with the registration procedures and regulations that govern the industry. We handle all initial registration procedures and ensure proper submission and follow up to final registration with the relevant government authorities in the region. We continue to handle any necessary changes and updates as they arise. In collaboration with our in-house legal counsel, we ensure full compliance with no deviation from any local or international laws.



Our highly-qualified medical sales team, all of whom have professional medical or pharmacist backgrounds, undergo extensive training to ensure a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the product. They cover all the different sales channels for the product, including direct specialist detailing, pharmacy sales, and direct to consumer sales.

All our activities are managed through strong, fully-integrated, data-driven platforms to continually optimize our approach and strategies, and ensure all of our decisions are well-informed and relevant.



We work with a wide network of retailers and distributors, leveraging our long-standing relationships with them to bring products to the appropriate target market. We have open accounts with all private and government outlets, individual clinics, pharmacy chains, and individual pharmacies ensuring brand visibility and presence across the various supply chain channels.



Lunatus assures our products are secure throughout the supply chain process by being in complete control of each stage. We ensure product availability through all the appropriate channels. Our in-house teams understand the unique nature of each product, and handle them accordingly.