The concept behind the Lunatus approach is of turnkey representation, whereby we handle all of the stages and processes required to introduce and build brand presence in the region. This integrates our five primary divisions: regulatory, marketing, sales, distribution, and supply chain management. For a full description of the roles of each division click here.

At Lunatus we take pride in our methodical and strategic approach to building our partners’ brand presence, following the stages listed below:

  • Our business development department connects with potential suppliers to explore possible opportunities.
  • We conduct a full market analysis to gauge market potential in the region.
  • We create and develop a comprehensive business plan to set objectives and strategies tailored to the brand.
  • We handle all regulatory needs for product registration.
  • We execute the launch plan of the brand/product.
  • We continuously monitor and refine our strategies and tactics to adapt to the market response. This is an ongoing effort to meet the campaign goals.

We have a proven track record of success with a number of international partners in the product categories depicted below.